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Literature Review: Dorsal Reduction and Spreader Flaps
Joe Gryskiewicz, MD reviews this May 2011 article from the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

Patient Safety

Literature Review: Algorithmic Approach to the Management of Hemangiomas
Michael Cedars, MD reviews the March 2011 article from The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.


Literature Review: Untreated Hemangiomas: Growth Pattern and Residual Lesions
Donald Mackay, MD reviews this April 2011 article from the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal.

Case Report: Mandible Fractures
A 32-year-old man presents one week after assault with malocclusion and right lower lip numbness. A case by Sara Yegiyants, MD and Pravin Patel, MD.

Case Report:Class III Dentofacial Deformity
A 20-year-old male male is referred with a bilateral cleft lip and palate for surgical correction of his dentofacial deformity. A case by Donald Mackay, MD.


Case Report: Recurrent SCC of the Neck
An 82 year-old male presents for consideration of an attempt at a curative oncologic resection of a recurrent SCC of the neck. A case by Raman Mahabir, MD.

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