Honoring Joseph Murray, MD

Joseph Murray, MD, renowned plastic surgeon and Nobel laureate passed away Monday, Nov. 26. Dr. Murray performed the world’s first organ transplant in December 1954.  He received a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1990 for his groundbreaking work in organ transplantation. In addition to this work, Dr. Murray was first a plastic surgeon.

“I consider myself a plastic reconstructive surgeon,” Dr. Murray told PSN in 2006. “Transplantation was merely a side issue and it really is a form of reconstruction. I never considered it competitive. They’re both the same – taking care of patients.”

PSEN has published his lecture 75 Years After Transplantation: Where Are We Now from Plastic Surgery 2006 in his memory. The PSEN staff thanks Dr. Murray for his great contributions to the field of plastic surgery and medicine in general. To read more about the life and work of Joseph Murray, MD visit PSN Extra.