New surgical videos feature hand and reconstructive procedures

CHECK OUT THE NEW procedure videos posted on PSEN in January:

Type 1 and Type 2 Duplicated Thumb Reconstruction 

In these congenital hand reconstructions, Dr. Kevin Chung performs thumb reconstructions on patients with two types of duplicated thumbs. Watch as he assesses which thumb to remove to preserve the best function of the ligaments of the thumb.


Management of Chronic Calf Wound

In this video, Dr. Paul Cederna treats a chronic calf wound in a 61-year-old patient with many health issues not limited to morbid obesity, diabetes and lymphedema. The calf wound had been managed by her primary care provider for many years with a variety of treatments. After three years of treatment, she presents to plastic surgery with a non-healing wound extending to the muscular fascia. Watch as Dr. Cederna completes debridement of wound and discusses the various stages of management of chronic wounds.


Treatment of Bilateral Pressure Sore

In this video, Dr. Paul Cederna performs treatment of a contralateral pressure sore in a parapalegic patient who has received previous reconstruction of a left-sided bilateral pressure sore. Dr. Cederna has previously performed an aggressive debridement of the contralateral wound with a six-week course of antibiotics. Watch as he performs a second aggressive debridement of bone to assess residual infection of the bone and determine further treatment of the pressure sore.

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