New Surgery Spotlight Now Available

In the September Surgery Spotlight, Bradley Bengtson, MD performs an Augmentation Mastopexy with the use of SERI® Surgical Scaffold on a patient to support the lower pole of the breast to mitigate against nipple-to-fold increase in distance, increased lower pole stretch and a bottomed out appearance of the breast. In this case, Dr. Bengtson explains a novel approach to placing a scaffold in the lower pole and position in the breast to support the lower breast pole. Dr. Bengtson also performs a breast augmentation bilaterally followed by a circumvertical mastopexy.
The challenge is to ease the load off of the breast skin and soft tissues and to work with a shorter nipple to fold distance  One of the benefits that Dr. Bengtson suggests that the use of SERI® Surgical Scaffold brings to the procedure is that it can increase predictability for the outcome by minimizing postoperative  soft tissue stretching, since it eases the load on the lower pole skin.  Dr. Bengtson also discusses the benefits of doing augmentation and mastopexy as a combined procedure, and is studying the impact of the use of SERI Surgical Scaffold with the theory that its use will reduce the rate of revisions in Augmentation Mastopexy patients due to the minimization of postoperative stretching and resultant malposition, particularly those patients with stretchy, elastic skin, large breast volumes and in the massive weight-loss population.

Past Surgery Spotlight programs remain freely available to view on PSEN. Hard copies of these programs can also be purchased from the PSEN DVD LibrarySurgery Spotlight is a video-based product line produced by the Plastic Surgery Education Network (PSEN).

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