Patient Safety Discussion Opens up the Conversation on Pain Management

PSEN kicks off its first Patient Safety Discussion this month, creating a running dialogue on Pain Management.
ASPS Patient Safety Committee co-chair and PSEN Patient Safety Editor, Michele Manahan, MD, will be guiding the first of a monthly forum series regarding patient safety hot topics.  In this month’s topic, the forum will be highlighting the use of narcotics, multimodal therapies, the rise of NSAID use, and the cost of pain management.

Patient Safety Discussion is a newly created forum in the PSEN Community that will be host of month long, open discussions on hot topics regarding patient safety.  The format allows and encourages completely open and honest conversation that will be community driven and committee guided.
Any and all members are encouraged to participate, so feel free to log on and chime in.  All questions, comments, concerns and answers are welcome here.

To join in on the discussion, log on to, and visit the PSEN Community Forum here:




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