This Month’s Patient Safety Discussion Sounds Off on VTE Prevention



The latest Patient Safety Discussion on PSEN sparks conversation on the topic of Venous Thromboembolism prevention and screening.

ASPS Patient Safety Committee member, Gary Culbertson, MD, will be guiding the forum discussion hot topic, highlighting preoperative screening, significant risk factors, family history, postoperative planning and cost.

Patient Safety Discussion is a newly created forum in the PSEN Community that will be host of month long, open discussions on hot topics regarding patient safety.  The format allows and encourages completely open and honest conversation that will be community driven and committee guided.

Any and all members are encouraged to participate, so feel free to log on and chime in.  All questions, comments, concerns and answers are welcome here.

To join in on the discussion, head over to the PSEN Community Section.

Exciting News: PSEN and ASRM Partnership Announced

“The Plastic Surgery Education Network is already the largest online Plastic Surgery education tool, and we are striving to continue to add value to your membership.  Today, we are pleased to announce that PSEN and ASRM signed a formal three-year letter of agreement.  This agreement makes possible the capture of the ASRM annual meeting and hosting of this content on PSEN.  Some of the content will be freely available to members, while the remainder will be offered at a reduced rate to those that attend the meeting.  Annual meetings from years past are completely free to members and we encourage you to explore interesting panels from those meetings.”

-Raman Mahabir, MD, PSEN Editorial Committee Co-Editor